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A Stranger is Watching

Цена:10.00 лв.Страници:320
Година:-Издател:Pocket Books
Размери:17.3 x 11.2 x 2.8 cmФормат:Paperback
Автор:Mary Higgins Clark 

Two years ago, magazine editor Steve Peterson lost his wife Nina to a vicious killer. Now he's trying to rebuild his life; providing for his troubled son, Neil, and allowing romance to blossom with journalist Sharon Martin. In two days time, Ronald Thompson is to be put to death for the murder and Sharon believes she may be able to help the family move on. But there's a problem - they're executing the wrong man ...For the real murderer is still at large. A cunning psychopath who has been patient, very patient - but who can be patient no more. And as he sits, and waits, and watches, a terrible plan is forming ...