Bulgaria. Tour Guide

Dear Readers, In your hands you have the latest edition of BULGARIA TOUR GUIDE. We have tried to present a thorough picture of Bulgaria - its most varied nature, rich culture and historical heritage, its picturesque mountains and Black Sea coast, the attractive resorts and tourist compounds, the busy cities and beautiful villages
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Bulgarian cuisine

: Dimitar Mantov
In th urs f 35 yrs th uthr f this bk hs lltd mr thn 4,500 king rips frm ll vr Bulgri.
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Bulgarian for English Speakers

Wherever yu g in Bulgri, t friend's huse, n hlidy r business, everybdy seks Bulgrin.
But yu dn't sek it.
he selfstudy urse Bulgarian for English Speakers is yur hne t lern it.

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Bulgarian monasteries

: Pavel Sotirov
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Bulgarian wine book

: Yassen Borislavov
For Bulgaria, wine has always been and will be of special importance. Today, as in the past, it is not only and simply a source of livelihood, a solace in everyday life and joy on festive occasions, but it is also part of Bulgaria's positive image as a civilized European country.
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English-bulgarian phrase book

his hrs book hs bn dsignd s rlibl omnion whn trvlling in Bulgri. It is omild nd rrngd in suh wy so s to rovid you with th most usful words nd hrss you nd to know for vry sitution. h ronunition nots nd th omrhnsiv grmmr stion offr guidlins to th bsis of Bulgrin lngug. h English-Bulgrin ditionry llows quik rfrn whil th insights into Bulgrin
lifstyl nd history hl to sir undrstnd this ultur nd mk nw frinds

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History of Bulgaria

: Alexander Antonov
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Learn bulgarian the easy way

: Lila Doncheva
Learn Bulgarian the Easy Way is effective and easy to use. With it, you will master the Cyrillic alphabet and the pronunciation of the living Bulgarian language gradually, and the transcription of all new words will help you throughout the course.
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The rose of the Balkans

: Ivan Ilchev
Ivan Ilchev (b.1953) is full professor in Modern Balkan History at the Sofia University. He teaches modern history of the Balkans (18th-20th centuries), social history of the Balkans, history of Bulgaria, international relations in the Balkans, theory and history of propaganda, history of advertising in Bulgaria, history and theory of nationalism in the Balkans. This is a very useful edition of the Bulgarian history
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The Valley of the Thracian Rulers

: Georgi Kitov
There is less than one hundred Thracian stone-built under-tumular constructions in Bulgaria that are usually called tombs. Most of them were found half-demolished or were demolished subsequently. Thirteen such buildings were constructed in the Kazanlak valley
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