City Of Lies

Price:5 €Pages:464
Dimensions:19.6 x 12.8 x 3 cmCovers:Paperback
Author:R.J. Ellory 

John Harper, frustrated author of one moderately successful novel, came to Miami to create a new life for himself.   He ran away from a cold New York childhood, brought up by an aunt following the death of first his father and then his mother, but things haven't worked out the way he dreamed.   Now killing time writing filler articles for a Miami newspaper (he's about to cover a shark-fishing competition) when a phone call changes everything.   It's his aunt, calling him back to New York.   On arrival he finds that everything he thought he knew about his family has been a carefully maintained lie.   The father he believed dead has been shot and critically wounded, attempting to stop a liquor store robbery.   As Harper reels from the shock of this discovery, shadowy forces gather around him.   Harper's father is no ordinary citizen caught up in a random robbery; he is a major player in the New York underworld, and his incapacity has left a gaping hole at the top just as something really big is being planned.