English-bulgarian phrase book

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mor thn 5000 words ns hrss
- mini-ditionry

his hrs book hs bn dsignd s rlibl omnion whn trvlling in Bulgri. It is omild nd rrngd in suh wy so s to rovid you with th most usful words nd hrss you nd to know for vry sitution. h ronunition nots nd th omrhnsiv grmmr stion offr guidlins to th bsis of Bulgrin lngug. h English-Bulgrin ditionry llows quik rfrn whil th insights into Bulgrin
lifstyl nd history hl to sir undrstnd this ultur nd mk nw frinds.

* ll you nd to sy to b rftly undrstood
* lr ronunition guid nd trnslitrtions
* th most usful hrss for vry sitution
* trvlling
* ommodtion
* food nd drinks + mnu guid
* shoing
* sightsing
* tivitis
* gnrl informtion, ustoms nd trditions
* onvrsion tbls