Art Techniques for Light & Shade (Art Techniques from Pencil to Paint)

Artists will be entranced by the variety of ideas in this handbook for controlling the effect of light, shade, volume and depth.
112 p.
Price: 9 €

Art Techniques for Sketch & Color

From a simple still-life study to on-the-spot sketches, start-to-finish demonstrations covering a wide-ranging base of subjects provide the inspiration to get started in painting...
112 p.
Price: 9 €

Drawing and Painting Landscapes: Artist's Hints and Tips

Illustrated with dozens of stimulating examples, filled with gems of advice, and bound in a handy pocket-size volume perfect for carrying with the paints and canvas...
96 p.
Price: 9 €

Making and using working drawings for Realistic Model Animals

A description of the entire process of recreating animals in three dimensions, from the initial gathering of information to the completion of museum-standard models.
144 p.
Price: 9 €

Oil painting for beginners

The titles in this practical series are superbly suited to help readers become familiar with the most essential techniques of drawing, painting and design.
176 p.
Price: 10 €

Painting animals

Twelve exciting animal drawing projects to tackle along with helpful information on materials and techniques.
110 p.
Price: 8 €

Painting Still Lifes Step by Step

Learn to paint still life objects that look so real you can reach out and touch them. A complete, yet basic, course in the techniques of painting realistic trompe l`oeil still lifes...
126 p.
Price: 10 €

Skies, Mountains and Lakes Paint a Watercolor Landscape in Minutes

author: Keith H. Fenwick
Readers will capture the serenity of a clear sky or majestic mountains in their paintings!
48 p.
Price: 6 €

Step-by-Step Art School: Still Life

New Edition A still life provides the perfect model--motionless and with a never-ending range of shapes, textures, and colors. For this reason, it is an important part of every artist's repertoire...
144 p.
Price: 9 €

Watercolor Handbook

author: Foster
With a sharp focus on technique, color, and composition, Watercolor Handbook offers logical solutions, hints, and ideas for the amateur watercolor artist
224 p.
Price: 11 €