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Цена:10.00 лв.Страници:512
Размери:16.8 x 11.2 x 4.2 cmФормат:Paperback
Автор:Sidney Sheldon 

Sidney Sheldon's fifth novel, repackaged to accompany his memoirs, 'The Other Side of Me'. Jennifer Parker is brilliant, beautiful and bold. A lawyer, the most glamorous and successful in America, she dominates the court with her sparkling intelligence and persuasive charms. She seems unbeatable -- but is she really? When Jennifer falls in love, she can hardly believe her luck. Adam Warner is handsome, smart, destined to be the next President of the United States -- and married! Jennifer falls pregnant and yet is determined not to allow her broken heart to get in the way of her success. But she soon realises that being alone makes her more vulnerable to those who are determined to destroy her! Sidney Sheldon gives us his greatest character yet in this bestselling tale of power, love and intrigue.